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Birth of a Wild Child

Our Story

Wild Child was founded by a public school teacher in response to the pressure placed on young children in traditional school atmospheres. Sitting at desks, standing in lines, filling in worksheets, taking standardized tests -  today's children are losing their inquisitiveness, their joy, their WILD. 

We knew that a program rich with play, imagination, and exploration would boost not only pre-academic skills, but also emotional wellbeing and a love of learning. Our teachers act as guides, resources, and partners in learning, through both planned and spontaneous adventures.

We are here to build upon the brilliance and creativity within each child, to help them develop a sense of accomplishment and self-worth, and to inspire a joy of learning.

Who: About Us

Our Mission

To provide a caring atmosphere and rich environment that fosters

critical thinking, active exploration, cooperation, and compassion; 

To promote and honor diversity and empathy, both in our community and our curriculum; 

To give families confidence that their children are nurtured, inspired, and respected.

Who: About Us

Wild Child is...

  • Play-based.  

  • Child-led. 

  • Nature-inspired. 

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