A Passion For Play

We deeply believe in our program, and we have the research to back it up.
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"Play is the highest form of research."
Albert Einstein.

Children in play-based preschools have been found to possess better self-regulation, attention, self-discipline, working memory, and more - all of which are critical to success in academics and interpersonal relationships. Play not only encourages physical development (motor skills, muscle coordination) but also social and emotional development (cooperation, conflict resolution, empathy).



Our society is seeing a drastic increase in attention deficits and anxiety/depression disorders in children. At Wild Child, we believe in giving plenty of opportunities for children to choose activities they enjoy and limiting interruptions, which builds interest, confidence, and concentration skills. There is no "right" or "wrong," no fear of being rated or judged, no testing, no pressure.

"A long attention span is essential for creative, athletic, academic achievement." Janet Lansbury


Social Skills/Community

Communication, critical thinking, empathy, self-regulation, problem-solving. We believe preschool is a time to learn these lifelong social and emotional skills and equip us for successful relationships and academics later on. And we're not alone.